I hope to build a notebook page for each of the works being created in response to the Undersong Project. The notebook will aim to summarise the piece's development and share contextual information and ideas as the piece evolves.

When the piece is finished a final image will be loaded to the right-hand side of this text. 

Common_Wood is one of a series of works in response to my earliest memory. If we are indeed the sum of our stories then that first memory (HERE) is my defining story. It marks a clearing in the dark wood where my identity might form.

The piece explores contradictory elements - the familiarity of my home wood, first wood, my common wood, but also the tension with the threat to wholeness, stability, certainty, contentment, containment that arises from the dark wood - the enchanting wood - provoking an unravelling of some sense of identity and belonging.

The painting hints at moonlight, night, shadows and trees. It's autumnal. The seeming simplicity and basic palette of shiny gloss are a knowing nod to childhood. 

Painting is, for me, the act of discovering roots. I am located in the work.

  • We're just about ready to restart the Long Trip down the Water Road.
  • Recommendations of websites & books always welcome...
  • Current reading: 'Magpie Words' Richard Caddel, 'Woods etc.' Alice Oswald & '100 Prized Poems'
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