journeying inland by boat

The Long Road : PART III : Day 1

one man and his boat
reunion : anticipation
optimism afloat
a hole in the water where
possibilities abound

After radio silence on the subject, and a Summer season missed, more good news. Old Eileen’s off dock. Re-engined. Redefined. So, out from Calcutt Bottom Lock No.3 on a test run of just one mile & 6½ furlongs down to Nelson’s Wharf. Then back. A chance to test the engine installation from tick-over to high rev.

Sunshine. Fiery Autumn leaves suspended in the water. The cidery scent of fallen apples. The trial went well. It was a time of reacquaintence after the long lay-over. Minor adjustments needed, but all round old Eileen’s reborn. A spring in her step. And mine!


Individual photos and further commentary can be found in a FLICKR gallery HERE.

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