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Painting Log 11.10.2017

In my experience you don’t need to have a brush in your hand to work on a painting, in fact most painting happens in your head when you’re NOT in front of the canvas/board.

This morning’s walk up the hill to Hampstead, to take the Boys to school, was a prime example of this.

The ‘yellow’ floral painting worked on yesterday had sat next to it’s sister ‘green’ painting all night. I’d sat in front of both and drawn a blank. It was only by walking, and focusing on anything other than the paintings, that fresh ideas bubbled into consciousness eg. a working title for the piece (Summer) Quilt.

The idea of quilt proved extraordinarily helpful in guiding my next steps. A background and canvas edges channelling crochet quilt designs, the squares and dots in blobs of vivid enamel. I’m envisaging taking the painting to decorative extremes, paint and late summer, riotous, exuberant and colourful.

I get ideas down in the sketchbook before they dissipate. I make use of both written notes and sketches, these are more an aide memoire than any serious attempt to do finished drawings…
As well as progress being made with the ‘(Summer) Quilt’ panel, I also spent time on more practical matters as much of painting is to do with either preparation or rounding off. The task today, painting the edges of canvases, in this case, a flurry of ‘grass green’ edging…
This board will become the backdrop for the ‘(Summer) Quilt’ painting. I love this stage! Everything to play for and everything to find. It’s the moment of greatest potential. Literally a blank canvas
I’m using ivory gloss as a sealing undercoat. The unpainted sections are where the ‘yellow’ and ‘green’ flower paintings will go…

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