Silence. It’s so very quiet!

The 'legend' at the Junction

Silence. I guess that’s a good thing eh?

Either Jim & Vi have:

  1. sunk without a trace
  2. decided to head North to avoid the coming calamity of drought on the Oxford
  3. spent a grand day getting ahead on our Eileen

Thankfully, my money’s on No. 3 ,  Jim & Vi are ones for getting ahead, if they’ve a clear road they’ll be determinedly forging South. It’s in Vi’s blood I guess, being born on, and brought up on, a working boat in the last days of commercial carrying.

It was an odd feeling yesterday leaping ashore and turning away from the boat to walk back to the car I’d left parked at Great Hayward Marina. I felt loathe to leave the Cut, I lingered, taking a few photos, of details really, trying to retain a memory of this second memorable day in the company of Eileen.

Here’s a few of the shots I took…

View from under the bridge and facing Haywood Lock
The paddle gear
Daffodils & Lockhouse Cafe
Detail of the paving over the fine bridge at Great Haywood Junction

ps. a text arrived Sunday evening (21.10pm), confirming the trip’s going well, with Fradley Junction reached on Saturday evening and the top of Atherstone Flight tonight – Jim’s confirmed the boat’s going fine. Grand news!

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