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Sleeping Arrangements

I was sucked into fuel-crisis madness last night. After listening to the news on Five Live, with its horror stories of queues at filling stations and the threat of petrol stations running dry… I began to fear for the weekend and the long drove to Banbury and Great Haywood. So, after the boys’ supper, their baths and bedtime story, I kissed the girls goodnight and set out, prepared for a time-comsuning circumnavigation of London, through late rush-hour traffic, in search of the seeming Holy Grail of a 1/2 tank of diesel to fill up the car.

Happily, I needn’t have worried, the small BP garage up on the Finchley Road, though busier than usual, was awash with fuel (no, not literally…).

I now have a full tank and the trip to the boat is back on – YES!

So mini-crisis over, on to more important matters…

Whilst at the boat last weekend tidying up, I began to re-think our original plan to build, what we nicknamed the bed cupboard, as a solution to the kids sleeping arrangements. An early sketch of the proposed bed cupboard looked like this:

We’re now thinking that a number of simple bench seats/beds with loads of storage lockers beneath might be a much more rugged and child-friendly option given that it’ll provide a snug seating space in front of the stove, two single beds for the boys, a double bed for Molly in the fore-end, and storage enough for all. t might look something like this…

and this…

and this…

Exciting times!

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