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A bit like camping, but under steel…

Last night, after work, I raced across to the Brent Cross Shopping Centre in North London (lucky me!) in search of gas mantles for the numerous camping lamps I own, all of which, inevitably had broken mantles, and all of which will be needed on the boat until such time as I wire in a load of 12V bulkhead lights.

The lamps, combined with the temporary camping cooker on the boat, got me thinking about the idea of camping and boats, of camping boats, of camping in general, and of the new concept of ‘permanent camping’ ie. low impact, pre-fabricated micro homes. It’s the way my mind works!

This short gallery is the result…

The images above are of the rather wonderful Mudgee Tower, one of the first examples of low impact, pre-fabricated ‘permenent camping’ structures to date, and it uses ‘wrinkled tin’….

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