Last Knockings…

We’re entering ‘last knockings’ in terms of getting things done on our Eileen before the journey begins on Saturday (typically the forecast is already predicting a change in the gorgeous Spring weather, and a return of cloud, cold and rain- sigh…).

To be honest it’s been a frustrating few days, with essential jobs just not going to get completed. However, with a calm chip-chipping away approach, and still three working days to go, who knows perhaps the majority of the long list of ‘to-do’s’ might still get done in one final concerted push. It’s always the way when you’re not able to be on-site daily, things tend to drift, and other boat owners needs get ahead of your own.

At the London end of things, I too have a bit of a list remaining, mainly things I forgot to do at the weekend. A chimney to buy, maps to mark up, gas mantles, candles, more rope etc. it’s an odd and vaguely Victorian list.

(above) Vi’s old dog ‘Brandy’ on the roof of nb. Galileo, at the Braunston Gathering, 2010

Still there is good news too. Jim and Vi have confirmed they’re up for bringing the boat down to Braunston. I’ll pick them up in Banbury on Saturday morning… and they’ll have sole charge of the boat for the next four to five days. I can’t think of anyone I’d rather trust the boat too, both are hugely experienced and have a huge respect for all things waterways.

I’ll then meet them in Braunston, and bring the boat, with our Molly, to Fenny Compton, where Claire and the boys will join us for the final few hours down to Forge Farm. That, at least is the plan! If low water, lock closures, late stoppages, and random acts-of-god don’t get in our way!

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