Bowing to a bit of pressure…

A number of people have commented to me that they were finding the previous ‘theme’ I was using for the blog too confusing, that it involved too many clicks and well, that it was plain frustrating!

I’ve got to admit – perversely – I really liked it.

However I’m bowing to the will of the majority and turning to a simpler and more traditional layout.

I’d welcome any feedback, positive or otherwise on how the blog now looks… cheers Nick

  1. Peggy Melmoth

    I think these theme and layout looks great. I’m thinking of giving mine an overhaul next month to make it simpler. It’s so tempting to stick loads of junk in my side bar! Collecting badges and widgets like a little bloggy magpie! I also have a WordPress blog (www.peggymelmoth.wordpress.com) but am finding it harder to learn than blogger…

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