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Sister ships and leaky tanks…

Leaky Tanks

Ah, the joys of an old boat!

In testing the now cleaned-out water tank under pressure, a ‘bung’ of filler covering a previous outlet from the tank – a weak spot that’d been painted over and effectively hidden from view for years – popped out like a champagne cork, emptying gallons of water into the bilges overnight!

Happily it’s a contained bilge so the mess was easy to soak up, and a metal insert is being fabricated to weld over the weak point – we will have a watertight water system yet!


Here’s a few photos of the way other people have responded to the challenge of converting a former day boat:

(above) nb. Dragonfly

(above) nb. St. Tudno

(above) nb. Sparks

(above) nb. Success

(above) nb. Africa

(above) nb. Siberia

and finally (below) a true restoration… T&S Element’s ‘Coronation’

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