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There’s something about the ‘Joel’…

I spoke to Jon-the -Workshop up at Great Haywood yesterday afternoon, he wondered if my ears had been burning, as he’d just spent a delightful five hours crouched in the bow locker chiselling out spray foam that for some unknown reason has been lavishly sprayed in what will soon be our main water tank…

Still, he assures me that despite the aches and pains, the job is getting done, and he’s optimistic that by Wednesday the tank will get its first coat of protective paint.

Even if he achieves that, he’ll be cutting things pretty fine, as on Saturday I’m off up there to get the boat prepared for the following weekend and the start of her journey south. There’s gas bottles to check and replace, a huge tody-up needed, provisions to be stowed away, and sleeping arrangements to finalise etc. etc.

We’re entering that final frantic stage dominated by lists and compromises.

Typically, in the middle of trying (over the phone) to sort out what still needs to be completed, and plan a major speech I needed to make last night, I was doodling around the internet – actually absent-mindedly looking for sans serif fonts for Eileen’s cabin sides (see above) – when I came across the following images of the wooden motor ‘Joel’.

In many ways, whilst it’s not a similar boat to our ‘Eileen’ at all, there’s definitely something of what I can only describe as the atmosphere of our old lady in this lovely set of images…

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do…

(Further information on the ‘Joel’ can be accessed HERE.)


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