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A cause for optimism???

Yesterday we did, what’s become for us, a regular ‘Mother’s Day’  journey up the M1 to Derbyshire and my sister’s place outside Wirksworth. The village lies close to Severn Trent’s Carsington Reservoir. We tend to take the kids up there before or after lunch for a whizz on their scooters, and a chance for us adults to have a chat.

On New Years Eve this year, the reservoir was in a sorry state, shrunken and fissured, grass reseeding and growing where water had once been. It seemed to both confirm and symbolise the parlous state of our water reserves.

Here’s a photo I took on that late December walk:

As you can see, the waters almost totally disappeared; however here’s the view that greeted us yesterday:

After just a few wetter weeks, the water is returning, and in the case of Carsington at least, the levels are returning to more optimistic levels.

Now, of course, Carsington isn’t a canal feeder reservoir, but still fingers crossed, if we get a good old-fashioned March-April, who knows, perhaps the current restrictions will be as severe as it gets in 2012?

Try to stay glass half full eh?

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