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Flowers & Landscapes 5. – doodles…

The rain’s been falling in London, sporadically, all day. We walked on ‘The (Hampstead) Heath’ this morning in a downpour and it was doubly delightful (no honestly it was!) not only was The Heath relatively quiet, but it was muddy-as-hell, drenching, fun, and such a liberation from the responsibilities of the working week. Kids are a great excuse to stomp around in wellies, raincoats and puddles for a couple of hours. Importantly too, it was necessary rain much needed here in the SE. We really do need as much of the wet stuff as we can get just now…

We want to enjoy getting out on ‘Our Eileen’ as much as possible this summer, and to do that we need water… lots of it.

I’ve brought Eileen’s 8ft. tiller arm in off the balcony to warm up as I intend to get on with painting it later when Claire pops across the Green to a friends  for supper, leaving me free to turn the kitchen back into my paint workshop again!

However, before I can brandish a brush, what with this being Saturday night ‘an all, I’m having to do a little school work first.

It would seem, from the evidence of the doodles in the margins of my work notebook, that  ‘flowers & landscapes’ (at least subconsciously)  have been much in my mind this week!

Here’s just a few examples…

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