BCN Day Boats

It was a TOUGH day!

Tough Days – we all get ’em… and yesterday was a relentless rollercoaster of a working day, from 7.00am to leaving. It was tricky and exhausting. So, it felt good to get home. After the demands and dramas of bedtime, after the kids finally turned in, I found it relaxing and helpful to potter with the blog for a while.

After supper Claire settled to TV and I searched the net for a few images of old boats. Simple as that.

These images smoothed out the wrinkles of the day, and helped wind me down. I thought I’d share them…

I couldn’t say quite why I find these industrial photos so soothing, but perversely I do!

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  • With the children on holiday, posts are likely to be sporadic for a few weeks.
  • Have a GRAND summer, best wishes Nick.
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