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Canal Narrowboats and Barges by Tony Conder

Condor, T. (2004) Canal Narrowboats and Barges Shire Publications ISBN 0 7478 0587 3

This book, another in the Shire series, is a useful, well illustrated, 50x page introduction not only to narrowboats but also wider canal and river craft too. The book can act as a basic guide to those who want to learn a little more about the floating heritage of the working canals.

Within the confines of often just a couple of paragraphs Tony Condor (former curator of the National Waterways Museum at Gloucester, and later curator of the Waterways Trust working on a national strategy for historic boats) explores a bewildering array of subjects: from river and estury barges; to ideas about the origins of the narrow boats; and descriptions of propulsion methods. He combines archive images with more recent colour images to illustrate the text.

Particularly useful (though inevitably a little out of date now) is a short section in the back of the book  listing further reading, plus contact details for relevent museums and societies. It’s a good starting point for finding out more.

For a book(let) often selling on the e-bookseller sites for just a couple of pounds, this is another useful really addition to your library.

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