Tilt at the Tiller 2.

One of the benefits of moving onto painting the more manoeuvrable tiller has been the opportunity to at least bring the beast inside to begin the undercoating. Yes, that really is the kitchen table I’m using as my painting bench!

We’ve decided to use of combination of red, cream-white and fleet grey to drawn out the fluted carving of the tiller. It’s a challenge to paint freehand but an enjoyable challenge.

So far the tiller’s rubbed down, and has been primed; now the additional white and red (oxide) undercoats are going on. Please don’t judge the paintwork as yet, I’m a long way from the finished article, this is simply the basic, blocking in of colours.

Claire’s not overly convinced with the ‘fleet’ grey we chose, and I agree, it is quite a bit lighter than I was hoping, she favours a dark, near charcoal, grey… I think I do too. Perhaps we should change now before I do too much more painting?

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