Renovating Eileen

Beautiful bulkhead built….

This is the latest image received from J-the-Workshop. It’s a photo looking aft, towards the back cabin, from what’s rapidly becoming the completed galley. This week they’ve erected the basic bulkhead dividing the galley from the bathroom. And the whole thing is looking really promising. The doors have yet to receive their framing and ‘beading’ trim that’ll make them replica’s of the other internal doors on the boat.


I feel really positive about developments just now, is it Spring optimism stemming from the wonderfully sunny and mild last few days? Where, at last, getting our hands on the boat, and getting it moored closer to London seems a reality.

In the next couple of weeks we’ll be heading up to Great Haywood en masse & en famille to take her out on that much anticipated inaugural run, just onto Tixall Wide and back to check everything’s OK.

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