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Kelly Kettle

For me, one of the (many) simple pleasures of our weekend away (freed from the responsibility, and broken nights!, of the kids) was lighting the fire in the cottage. I’m a sucker for a good fire!

It’s a shame that living in London makes it so difficult to enjoy a fire. Despite our flat having stunning fire places, a combination of clean air legislation, health and safety regulations and a frankly nervous Co-op landlord, means that it’ll probably be a long while yet before I’m allowed to ‘risk’ a ‘real’ fire in any of them.

Still, undaunted, last night I hunted out and dusted down my Kelly Kettle, the wonderful ‘volcano’ type solid fuel kettle that’s brilliant fun to use camping out on the boat in summer; when everyone loves hunting down some dry kindling for the ‘fire box’ underneath the kettle, and then watching the drama of the smoke and flames licking up the central ‘chimney’ – wonderful stuff!

If you’ve never come across one before, Google or YouTube more information… they make a great present for any budding ‘pyrotechnic outwardbound-er’ in your life!

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