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A walk along the Thames & Severn Canal at Daneway

After the disappointment of not being able to get away on 18686 for our anniversary weekend, Claire and I eventually escaped to the Cotswolds, and typically I fell ill – so, I’ve only one very small canal-related adventure to report.

On Saturday afternoon, in a break in the pouring and icy rain, we drove down to the Daneway Inn below Sapperton village, and walked along the old Thames & Severn Canal up to the Daneway Portal of Sapperton Tunnel.

(above) The Daneway Inn [top left]. The present road still passes over the bridge. The pub carpark was created by in-filling the lock in front of the pub…

These photographs record our walk (simply click on any picture to open up the gallery)…

Though this is a well-trod route, it’s fascinating nonetheless, and to stand ‘where the boat would be’  in the mouth of the tunnel, listening to the hauntingly distant echoes, was really memorable!

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