Renovating Eileen

A tilt at the tilller

As our recent freezing weather seemingly turns to a few milder days; my brushes are out and, this being my half term holiday, I’m cracking on with painting 18686‘s beautiful carved tiller. It’s a graceful arc of a beast, fashioned from a single piece of timber, somebody mentioned it would traditionally have been carved from elm – does anyone know if that’s likely to be correct? Whatever the wood, it’s beautifully done, and stands an impressive 8′ plus, yet is so beautifully balanced, it feels light to lift and effortless to handle.

None of the following images come close to doing it justice. However they do record the start of another small part of 18686‘s renovation. And, in getting something practical done, it somehow brings Spring, and the thought of actually getting out and using the boat, just that little bit closer.

(ps. the gallery’s loaded back to front, so the first image, of grey primer, is the last so to speak…)

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  • Have a GRAND summer, best wishes Nick.
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