Boating in Pictures

Joe & Fin’s ‘watery-boatery’ Paintings….

You might think this is a bit of a strange, or abstract, post today… but bear with me, (hopefully) the following explanation will make sense of these colourful swirling images.

Having been an art teacher for years before I became a primary school headteacher, children’s artwork has always fascinated me.

Todays post is simply a collection of Joe and Fin‘s (our 3 year old twins) watery-boatery paintings.

Many of the paintings here were painted shortly after they’d first visited 18686 last Autumn. In talking to them, as they enjoyed slopping about with the poster paint, it was evident that the afternoon on the boat had made a big impression of them.

So these are their impressions of water / trees / sky / stormy days and ‘our boat’. I reckon, in many ways, they’re just as legitimate as the countless colour photographs I take!

I’m not making any huge claim for the paintings other than to say that I quietly envy a 3 year old’s technicolour vision of the world – long may it last I say…

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