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All a-glow, despite the cold snap…

Despite the sudden cold snap, I’m relieved to report that when J-the-Workshop rang this evening to give his weekly report, he was able to confirm that his lads had been able to get on with work on 18686 despite this being the coldest week so far this Winter.

Now that 18686 is safely back in the water, the old raw-water cooled BMC 2.2 engine has been ‘run-in’, following it’s head gasket replacement and general service. After thorough testing, she’s almost been given a clean bill of health – there are a couple of jobs to do eg. replace the glow plugs.

However, re-assuringly J confirmed that the issues noted by the Surveyor, ie. that the engine was chasing and/or searching has been totally solved.

He also had good news regarding the concerns he’d had regarding plumbing. Lat week he’d thought that, in order to save dismantling a large section of lining, he’d have to trail water pipes up a bulkhead and then drop down into the water tank… Further investigation this week, that involved removing only a little more tongue-&-groove lining has revealed that, at some point in the past, a welder working on the fore-end had constructed a channel between bulkeads and lockers to enable services to the conduited from fore-end into the boat. The find will save a lot of faffing about and should see the water plumbed in fully by the early part of next week…


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