Renovating Eileen

Isn’t that ruddy rudder ready yet?

Here in London the rain has poured down all day, and typically, it poured on just the day that the roofing contractors took the protective covering off a number of our buildings allowing them to leak like sieves – sigh! Ah, the joys of working to a ‘drip-drip-drip’ accompaniment of water leaving light sockets!

I need to wind down. So, after work, when the building falls quiet, I’m intending to stay on a while and add the final coat of paint the BCN 18686’s rudder. I’m away to Great Haywood next weekend to return it after its London vacation. I’m pretty pleased with how it’s gone, it’s looking good.

I find the necessary and inevitable repetition of painting – the back and forth action of applying the paint – really rather therapeutic and satisfying… It’s my kind of way to unwind…

(I think I’ll bring the wooden tiller arm back from Great Haywood with me, part two of the renovation process of the elum can begin…)

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