Local Knowledge Sought…

What with C. & me having a young family, getting away for a little quality time together is almost impossible to achieve and requires military-style forward planning entailing grandparents de-camping from Suffolk to London etc.

Our first trip together on BCN 18686 will take place on the long weekend of 17-19th February, ie. at the end of the children’s half term holiday; and that coincides with our wedding anniversary. It’s therefore a big event. And one that I’d like to make as special as possible.

We’re planning to drive up from London on Friday 17th February, stay overnight at Great Haywood and then take the boat out for a short trip in the direction of Tixall Wide on the Saturday. Just a couple of hours down the cut to allow us to get the feel of the boat and test the reconditioned engine etc.

On the Saturday evening we plan to moor out in the countryside before returning on the Sunday morning for the drive back to London.

And here’s where perhaps you could help. I’m looking for recommendations for somewhere for us to eat on the Saturday night. I don’t mind arranging for a taxi to pick us up… but I guess we’re looking for somewhere within a 5-10 mile radius of Great Haywood – any thoughts???



  1. Capt Ahab

    The Cliffod arms in Gt Haywood is ok but at the budget end of the scale. If you fancy posh the Moat House Hotel in Acton Trussell is excellent but carries a hefty price tag.

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