Temptation – too many sweetie jars!

What is it about this blogging lark that makes you, on a quiet Saturday night, suddenly decide to change your blog’s theme ie. the way it looks on the page. Whether WordPress, Blogger or whatever you use, we’re inundated with choice, with tantalising options to fiddle with…

I was simply trying to work out whether my RSS feeds could be automatically sorted by latest post, you know like Blogger sites can… but, frustrated that my WordPress Theme ‘Modularity Lite’, couldn’t seem to do it, I suddenly took it upon myself to press the ‘activate’ button on a new theme…

…with frankly disasterous consequences! Pictures flew awry, text all over the shop, date order exploded… a few minutes of utter panic, before order was resumed and thankfully I was able to navigate back to the theme I’d started with.

There’s simply too much temptation out there, too many sweetie jars on the shelf just pleading for attention. I’ve simply got to learn a little more self restraint… and keep developing the blog I already have.

Lesson learnt? Well, probably not – but it’s nice to think I have…

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The September Selection
  • THANKS for the positive comments on the 'new-look' rebuilt site.
  • With the children on holiday, posts are likely to be sporadic for a few weeks.
  • Have a GRAND summer, best wishes Nick.
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