Let the ‘Grand Affair’ and the ‘Journey’ begin…

As we move, abeit rather tentatively, into the New Year I thought I’d add an album of photos of 18686  that were included as promotional images on the Great Haywood Boat Sales’ website. I stumbled on them in late summer and was immediately interested…

It was the start of my/our grand affair with an older lady! Expensive, exciting, full of promise and wonderful possibilities!

What really won me over/us over was the fascinating balance of both historic references and modern comfort contained in the boat; the fact too that it has an engine safely out of harms way (a major consideration given we have 3yrs old twin boys), and what finally swung it was the fact that the new sections of the boat remains very much a blank canvas ready for us to add our own particular mark.

This January, hopefully within weeks, if the mild, wet weather holds; we’ll have her back in the water, and we’ll be beginning the first of our journeys together.

So, let the journey begin…

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