14. Inlanding to London – 1989

Grand Union

This is the fourteenth in an occasional series of postings which should, over time, record all the major ‘inlanding’ trips I’ve taken in the years since 1989. The archive of trips can be accessed via the Inlanding – Trip Reports tab at the top of the page.

Day 14. Marsworth Junction to Berkhamsted

6 miles – 15 locks – 7 hours

‘Lily’ is not performing well. On todays heavily locked passage from Marsworth to Berkhamsted she’s struggling as if weedbound, but she’s not weedbound. Is it plugs? Clutchplate? Transmission? Hell, I don’t know, let it be something basic and fixable eh?

I decide to ignore the warning signs and work on enjoying the day. Surprisingly, the fates smile, the engine (or gearbox???) settles down, and I succeed in having a fine days cruise through high summer. It’s a holiday day of shared and crowded locks; a canal bustling with interest and activity.

Up the Marsworth Flight (above), seven locks lifting ‘Lily’ to Bulbourne (below),

and the Tring Summit.

Then, Cowroast (below),

and the beginning of the long decent, towards London and home (?).

Through Northchurch Locks (below)

(below) nb. Admiral leaving Northchurch October 1948

and Berkhamsted Lock  (below)

to moor opposite Bridgewater Boats in the heart of the town…

(…perhaps one of the most photographed buildings on the grand Union?)

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