A little bit in-betweeny 3.

In the last of these planning posts between Xmas and New Year; we’re celebrating friendship and sharing. And, we can’t wait to share BCN 18686 in the coming months…

One of the most powerful motivators in buying the boat was not only to create a vibrant and happy family space – our breathing space outside London – but also to share that space and our adventure with friends.

In the gallery below are a random selection from my albums of, well… people!

Beyond engines, brightwork, mooring or history, it’s family and friends that will form the beating heart of our boat.

(ps. as with all the photo galleries in this blog, simply click on any of the images to see the image in more detail…)

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The September Selection
  • THANKS for the positive comments on the 'new-look' rebuilt site.
  • With the children on holiday, posts are likely to be sporadic for a few weeks.
  • Have a GRAND summer, best wishes Nick.
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