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(above) image spotted in the Museum Of London, Barbican, London

This period up to Xmas feels a little ‘phoney war-ish’. The boat’s slumbering on the hard at Great Haywood Marina. Much of the preliminary work we’d agreed is complete, however an annual contract to service some 23 shared-ownership boats has meant a cessation of work on 18686 until the new year. It’s an agreement that works for both the workshop and us. They get a chance to honour their long-standing contract and we get a free out-of-water mooring during the grim months of mid-Winter.

It does feel odd though. Owning a boat, but it all feeling a little unreal still.

Stuff does happen – the repayments on the boat loan goes out each month, the BWB license arrives; I complete the red gloss work on the elum… but they, with the exception of the painting, occur somehow at arms length. The whole process of owning a boat still has an air of unreality about it, as though the dream, remains just that – a dream, rather than the fact that it is a reality.

We still hope to use the boat for our anniversary weekend towards the end of February… a wedding anniversary afloat… would be wonderfully romantic, provided I give the boat a heckuvah Spring clean before we go! So that’s the marker, the target, we want to move her before then, if circumstances, and the elements, fingers-crossed  allow…

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