journeying inland by boat

4. Inlanding to London – 1989

Coventry Canal & North Oxford Canal

Day 4. Atherstone to Stretton Stop

16 miles – 2 locks – 11 hours

I’m not sure why I’m galloping along, what’s the rush? Surely I’m able to enjoy the canals, the journey, without pushing quite so hard? It would seem not. Another fine day, another long [almost lock-less] day.

The landscapes pretty uninspired. The aesthetic of industrialisation, the colliery spoil heaps and canalside industries have long been replaced by open post-industrial wasteland and a seemingly endless succession of housing estates and allotments.

‘Lily’ rushes past Marston Junction and the temptation of the Ashby Canal [one for another time…]
And around the sharp turn at Hawkesbury Junction (Suttons or Sutton Stop). The ‘legendary’ turn at Suttons…
Admittedly not a summer of 1989 image, simply one I couldn’t resist!
The Greyhound Pub at Suttons, a beauty…
Another view of ‘The Greyhound’ at ‘Suttons’
The Stop Lock at Hawkesbury Junction. I don’t stop.

The last few miles have, for some reason, depressed me. I yearn a country mooring for the evening, a bit of breathing space, perhaps a village pub

(I nievely had no idea at all that The Greyhound would have been a grand place to stop…)

So I turn the sharp turn, pretty effectively, enter the shallow stop lock and head out – optimistically – onto the North Oxford and the temptation of open countryside.

I continue, down to Stretton-under-Fosse, crossing uninspiring, rolling countryside, via Ansty. The canal is joined by the railway. Moor for the evening.

The bridge to the boatyard at Stretton Stop
Stretton Stop


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