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The elum – preparing to paint…

Sunday morning, a pretty early start. To be honest with twin three year olds who’re determined to be up long before it becomes light, every morning is an early one!

I’ve agreed to take the elum back to Great Haywood next weekend. The aim in the coming working week is to get three coats of gloss on the wood and steel, so undercoat over the primer was a must for today.

The following pictures show the progress that’s been achieved in the last week. The elum is stabilised, the wood protected, and all round it’s looking as if it’ll give us good service for a good few more years.

Last stage of the filling process, rubbing down

(above) the different elements get different undercoats...
The different sections of the elum will be picked out in grey or red above the waterline, below the waterline it’s hull black

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