Renovating Eileen

Elum – some thoughts on renovation

I’m really enjoying stripping back the remaining layers of paint and soft wood on the old elum. I’ve decided not to over-restore it. To me, it’s more important to preserve and retain what’s there, rather than effectively encase the remaining wooden stock in new wood.

According to the welded information on the lower section of the elum, the wood there was replaced by the current steelwork in the early ‘90’s, the initials hint that it was done by Jim McDonald during his period of ownership.

It’s a bit of a backbreaking evening’s excavation. My hands and arms shaken silly by the vibrations of the sander. Working on elum is nonetheless deeply rewarding; an evening wreathed in dust, panda faced contentment.

The elum is fully cleaned off and ready for filling. I’m working firmly against the clock, as it needs to be re-hung on the boat before she re-enters the water in just over a week’s time.

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