Buying Eileen

Trying [and failing?] to regain the momentum…

Macclesfield Canal: James Potts’ boat Dukinfield heading north towards Bollington Aqueduct with a load of stone which was probably loaded at Kerridge stone wharf at the end of the tramroad from Bridge Quarry.

Today sees my renewed determination to regain the momentum that seemed to be gathering towards the end of last week.

In my minds-eye I’ve  decided the handover weekend – I know it’s plain daft to put such markers down, given that the remaining actions are out of my hands, and involve the finance, talking to the boatyard and the boatyard to the broker… but the marker’s there and, in my head, the clock’s counting down… to next weekend.

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The September Selection
  • THANKS for the positive comments on the 'new-look' rebuilt site.
  • With the children on holiday, posts are likely to be sporadic for a few weeks.
  • Have a GRAND summer, best wishes Nick.
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