Renovating Eileen

Renovation 1. ‘elum’

London 3rd November

I’ve moved the elum – again. In the last fortnight it’s probably travelled more miles than in years on the cut! It’s gone down to work. At least there I’ve got a protected outside [ie. well ventilated] space where I can have access to power points etc. Early November, with it’s gloomy light, isn’t the best time of year to be doing this kind of work, but at least, despite pouring rain, it’s still mild. Although it’s not as handy as being able to work from home, the fact is I can get a lot more renovation done in a shorter span of time there than here.

The images show progress. Much of the original paintwork, on one side at least, has been cleaned back, and the remaining paint seems so super-adherred to the wood that hopefully it’ll provide a stable base for the primer.



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