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Not quite ‘full-steam’ ahead, but maybe ‘half steam’!

From my office countless phonecalls, each of which nudges the jigsaw pieces of boat purchase into place. The dialogue went something like this:

D. the Gasman came up with a decent quote, he starts work next week sorting out the gas locker, bulkhead fittings and pipework, and adding the water heater

J. the workshop came up with an equally good quote on the water infrastructure, and is willing to progress things with M. the finance person, reassuring them that the required works identified in the Survey are indeed being completed.

D. the welder has just a couple more days work.

E. the Broker rang and was encouraging that perhaps next week we’ll finally get full ownership.

I do the sums, and yes, still, things are looking healthy, despite all the quotes for works we’re agreeing…

I deposit 17K with the brokers – eek! 

Still, going into the weekend, as the fireworks pop and splutter and the occasionally BANG! loudly enough to rattle the windows of our flat, despite us being 5 floors up, I’m feeling very happy indeed!

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