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Clarifying colours…

A screenshot taken by i-phone during an old episode of ITV’s Water World

After solo-shifting the elum from the back of the car to the cellar of our mansion block this morning, I have to recognise the utter impossibility of hauling it up to our flat on the 5th floor as I’d hoped to do… it’d be a plain daft and possibly dangerous haul… I resign myself instead to hours each evening in the draughty cellar… I’ve about three weeks to get the elum from it’s current state to readiness to re-hang, ie. before the boat’s lowered back into the water.

A bundle of paperwork arrives from the Finance Company to sign and return – another step closer. Green light.

During the morning, as the kids play for an unusually contented hour, C. and me trawl websites to look at colour charts: International, Jotul, Reyland, Craftmaster etc. etc.

I think we’re getting there, with a dark-ish graphite grey, red coachlines and a chalky, or perhaps off-white for sans serif lettering. I enjoy each shared moment, with each decision we move still closer to creating our boat.

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