Renovating Eileen

In the flesh…

A screenshot taken by i-phone during an old episode of ITV’s Water World

Finally, wonderfully, today I got across to see the boat out of the water. WOW! Such fine lines! The stern almost ‘delicate’!

D. the Welder worked, tacking the new plating at both bow and stern. J. the workshop listened patiently as I explained the things I’d like to achieve before the boat comes out of docking in something over a month’s time.

We discussed utilities, 12V electrics, water and gas… We learned more about the boat, found more issues and, in theory at least, worked through some possible solutions – my minds bursting with ideas – so many possibilities…

Back in London tonight I’ve written up what we discussed and have just e-mailed the 3x page summary back to him so that he can start to work on quoting for the work we’d discussed. The more we can achieve during the Winter stoppage period the better…

Just before I left, the rudder section of the elum was manhandled into the back of the car, it’s a hugely heavy timber and steel fabrication.

I’ll be working on it at home in the coming weeks, using it as a test-bed for the boat’s final colour scheme. In keeping with its industrial pedigree grey, red and red oxide feature strongly in our thinking [click HERE to see the kind of colour scheme I mean].

[Mmm, so much for clear-thinking and forward planning – I realised too late that I wouldn’t be able to fit C., M., J.&F. and me and the rudder into the car at the same time! That realisation will necessitate me returning to my sister’s place in Derbyshire tomorrow night [a 280 mile round trip] to bring the rudder back to London . Still, despite the long journey, I am really looking forward to my first practical involvement with ‘her’ renovation.

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