Cupboard Bed

M. spots a delightful ‘cupboard bed’ in ‘Danny – The Champion of the World’ . I’m trying to get a ‘screen shot’ of it for my notebook. Does anyone know how to take screenshots from a DVD???

Detail of a Romany Caravan showing cupboard bed..
1940’s boat woman puts away cross bed…

[1970’s] from Museum of London Collection: This travelling family has stopped at Swiss Cottage in North London.
Neither of the fascinating images copied above are actually from the film, however you get the general idea… We like the idea of a contained sleeping space for the kids, one that’ll fold away into a cupboard in the daytime.

Late into this chill Autumn Sunday evening me and C. sit sketching, and together we feel the excitement of the our inlanding project rise again.

It’s a great feeling.

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