A phonecall seals it?

Detail of photo of Derby Canal’s ‘Denby to Little Eaton Tramway’, circa. 1900. From ‘Canal Recollections’ by Julian Holland

Late morning I receive a phonecall from ‘the broker’…

‘The vendor’ has signed an interim sale agreement stating that the works to make good the issues found by ‘The Surveyor’ can begin – immediately! A phonecall to ‘The Workshop’ tomorrow morning should set the wheels in motion. Wonderful!

To celebrate C. and I head out with J.&F. to have lunch canalside and out of London. ‘The Three Horseshoes’ at Bourne End, Herts. Lovely – simply to be out on a sunny Autumnal afternoon – listening to boys delight at the hearing the sounds of their stones thrown into the water – kerrrplunk! quoosh! blump! blugp!

I truly believe that buying the boat is the right move for us.

The adventure continues…

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