Buying Eileen

Drawing breath…


We spent Friday night looking through photographs of this last Summer, and perhaps imagining what owning a boat might bring to our Summers […our Autumns, Springs and Winters too…].

It was a happy evening.

Followed by a quiet Saturday. After the frenetic activity of the last week, perhaps everyone needs a moment to draw breath and think through the contents of the e-mails I fired off on Friday afternoon.

One piece of good news, ‘the welder’ who’d seemed unable to get the boat onto his books for about a month is now available to begin as early as next week. It therefore looks as if we’ll be having a second frantic week – bring it on!

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The September Selection
  • THANKS for the positive comments on the 'new-look' rebuilt site.
  • With the children on holiday, posts are likely to be sporadic for a few weeks.
  • Have a GRAND summer, best wishes Nick.
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