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White knuckles

The characters involved in the evolving drama created by the outcome of yesterdays survey multiplied as the day proceeded to include ‘the broker’, ‘the broker’s boss’, ‘the surveyor’, ‘the workshop’, ‘the welder’, ‘the-man-who-knows-the-engine-well’, ‘the expert-in-joey-boats’, ‘the-mate-of-the-workshop-who-has-a-BMC-2.2’ etc. etc. and each had a view, and all had a contrary view.

However, during the course of the morning, as the phone calls pinged back and forth, we reached general consensus as to what was required.

In brief, spot welding the pitting is no longer an option,  with the general view hardening around the idea of over-plating. The costs ballooned, at one point £15K was estimated… with an additional £3-5K for a reconditioned engine – typically the BMC 2.2 being one of the rarer of what is otherwise a ubiquitous engine.

Mid-afternoon it had come down to twin track solution:

  • ‘the workshop’ to clarify with ‘the surveyor’ exactly what the acceptable longer term solution was, and then discuss that solution with ‘the welder’ in order to move from a vague estimate towards a realistic quote for the work
  • ‘the workshop’ to seek reassurance from ‘the-man-who-knows-the-engine’ that the blown head gasket, though known about for ages,  actually hadn’t been fixed previously, and that generally, with a decent service, tlc and fettle, the engine is likely to provide a good service for years.

After a gloomy and solitary lunchtime where I convinced myself that we had no option but to walk away and start our search anew, late afternoon brought more optimistic news.

‘The surveyor’ agrees with ‘the workshop’ that about 30′ of plating is needed, 15′ at the stern, the same at the bow, and then spot welding on the 30′ central section [which has previously been over-plated]. The price for the work shrunk to a more manageable £4-5K. ‘The broker’ too assures me that ‘the owner’ is being realistic, and is seemingly willing to renegotiate the asking price to reflect the work that’s required…

So we live to fight another day, though to be honest this evening, it feels an awful long way from my dream of relaxing days inlanding with my family!

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