Keeping ‘the flame’ alight…

I’m reading Hugh Malet’s 1960’s classic ‘Voyage in a Bowler Hat’ it’s helping keep the flame alight, reminding me why we’re trying to buy a historic boat and return to the water in the first place. We so want to get out there, me and the family, afloat, in our own boat, together, sharing the adventure.

M. keeps asking, “Have we got our boat yet?” I wish I could grin, and say YES!

These are nail-biting days [what days when buying a boat in a recessions aren’t nail-biting???]. We’re anxiously awaiting the outcome of the condition survey tomorrow, on that everything else rests. The outcome will be the deal-maker, or deal-breaker.

The boat is moved from its current off-side mooring into a local marina today in preparation for tomorrow.

I’m anxious.

I so want the survey to provide the affirmation we need to progress our dream towards reality.

I’m realistic too. I recognise that many niggling questions remain, there are many potential hurdles still to leap, from BSC to licensing, from insurance to fixtures and fittings. Yet, even with that ackowledged, I’m also desperate to keep the momentum moving forward. Nervous though I am, in truth, I can’t wait to receive the professionals opinion in the form of the survey report – bluntly it’ll tell us if this is to be our boat [as we desperately hope it will] or the search begins all over again…

The owner of our proposed ‘home’ mooring on the South Oxford texts for an update. With the reduction in boat movements caused by a combination of the Summer stoppages [due to water shortages] and the upcoming Winter [maintenance] stoppages, it looks increasingly likely that we’ll just miss the window to move the boat this side of Xmas, and that it’ll be next Spring before we arrive on the Oxford. Possibly at a different location if the proposed mooring’s been taken. Only time will tell eh?

Phone calls will be made today to try to clarify the issue of the BSC. I wish I could be more hand-on, I wish the boat wasn’t 100+ miles away!

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