Surveyor Please!

The end of last week saw us scrabbling to find a surveyor, experienced in working with older boats, able to complete the survey before the Winter Closure Programme makes moving around the canal system close to impossible – we’re up against it – with perhaps just 4x weeks before our last ‘window’ closes.

If we were to get a surveyor, and then had a good survey, perhaps we’d be OK… but that’s a huge assumption and a big ask from an old boat. Inevitably we’ll be having additional works done whilst she’s out of the water, blacking the hull etc. and so at best we’d have to work up to the wire with the clock ticking loudly. There’s a closure, I think on the Napton Flight in early November, effectively putting a seal across the South Oxford for a while.

To be honest this is a self imposed deadline – having spoken to the owner of the current mooring it would be possible to over-Winter there if necessary – it’s just that we’d love to bring the boat home to a place where we can get on with the work of renovation over the Winter months…

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