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This week has been a hugely exciting and optimistic one on the boat front:

I’ve found a [legal!] way to release funds for a possible boat mortgage, suddenly buying a boat is a reality again!

I’m off to view nb. ‘Ei’ and nb. ‘Eu’ – at 62′ and 68′ respectively – at the weekend. It’s taken a lot of research on the various website… I’ve a folder of boats – dream-boats – we’ve called them, that have, on first glance captured our imaginations; but these are the first two that seem right, seem possible, I need to find out more…

I’ve been thinking of a possible mooring too; and got a quote from moorings on the South Oxford, such a beautiful setting, perhaps an ideal escape from London – I visit websites or marinas and off-line mooring… mmm, things have started to become temptingly – dangerously – tangiable. I even have wild, and wildly presumptious, thoughts about Autumn cruising!

As Saturday gets closer, I plan the long round trip to visit the boats with our 8 year old – her first impressions will be an important part of the decision making process. I paw over the maps and routes and can’t help myself imagining the possibilities:…cruising and kids; about cabin time and rooftop time; about dark nights and star gazing; about walks along the towpath and long lunchtimes and evenings; about board games by lamplight; and playing hide and seek in the fields; of walking a dog [even though we don’t even own one – yet!]. And, vitally, evenings with C. in the boat, or in chairs on the towpath – red wine and chunky jumpers -or warmed cuddles by the wood burner etc. etc. such blissful, bliss-filled dreams…

Don’t worry, all the above might sound nievely optimistic, but I’ve been around boats and the waterways long enough to know that to achieve anything close to the dream also requires a helluvah lot of good fortune, and a goodly dose of practicality and single-mindedness too. I’m not going boat-buying wearing rosey-tinted glasses, and we’ll think hard and clearly before we buy…

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