What’s the website about?

“trust the feel of what nubbed treasure
your hands have known.”

― Seamus Heaney, ‘North’, 1975

The website is an ongoing, online work of fiction. It is constantly evolving to meet the challenge of recording my involvement in a number of projects:

  • my main arts-based project called The Undersong
  • my secondary journeying project called Our Eileen
  • sundry other smaller projects gathered under the catch-all title of &OtherStories

The projects are exploratory, combining photography, word-smithing and mark-making. They’re about story telling. If we are all the sum of our parts, then those parts are defined by narrative, by the telling and retelling and refining of stories. The Projects map stories.

In practical terms the processes involved in the projects – walking, inland boating, collecting, sifting, attaching, layering, echoing, glimpsing, destroying, rebuilding, editing, constructing and so on… may one day come together as a single coherent entity (an installation perhaps) or as a series of ‘visual novels’ or ‘memory cloths’. I’d like to think so, but somehow doubt the ‘grand coalescence’ with ever happen…

In the meantime I’ll go on making and recording, much of which will find its way on to this website.

Much of what I do is work on transition, change & flux, as fragments of fact, memory, fieldwork, fiction, historical research and quasi-autobiography are combined, broken down, re-combined and generally played about with to create a personal response to the narrative of belonging, longing, loss, identity and memory.

The  web-based content also aims to:

  • point readers towards wonderful websites across the internet
  • act as both an archive and resource base
  • integrate a broader examination of artistic forms of mapping that take place in documentary, visual arts & literature and which explore moments of transition, historical shifts, and the emergence of identity in a spatial context.

Hopefully the website will be an interesting and occasionally informative read, for you and me.

Navigating the Site

The website is structured around CATEGORIES.

To read the entire category backlist simply use the EXPLORE drop down menu that’s found in the FOOTER and click on any category that interests you.

  • The 'Long Road Log' - a fortnightly narrow boating blog...
  • Recommendations of websites & books always welcome...
  • Current reading: 'Doing the Same in English' by Maurice Scully, 'Writings on Art' by Per Kirkeby, 'The Last London' by Iain Sinclair & 'RISINGTIDEFALLINGSTAR' by Philip Hoare...
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