Long Road Log : 13.01.2018

forecast rain held off
an afternoon a-boat with
clay for company

A trip of 4 miles, 6¼ furlongs from Flecknoe Bridge No 102 southwest on the Grand Union Canal (Oxford Canal Section) for 2 miles, 6½ furlongs to Napton Junction, then southwest on the Oxford Canal (Southern Section – Main Line) for 1 mile, 7¾ furlongs to Napton Bottom Lock No 8. (Mileage information drawn from the invaluable Nick’s Canal Planner AC website.)

furlong = 1/8 mile or 220 yards

Continuous cruising, when you don’t actually live on your boat, demands a commitment to boating regardless of weather or mood. It’s expensive too, particularly when long commutes are involved. However, on the plus side, it urges you to quit cosy-flat-computers-&-sedentary London-life and head for the water road.

If it’s a day-trip – and most of ours are – I find a spot mid-way between where-the-boat-is and where-we-want-her-to-go. We park the car and walk back to collect the boat, then cruise her forward to a new mooring before retracing the boat’s journey on foot back to the car. If the distances are judged well it’s a rewarding, balanced day of walking&cruising, providing a healthy dose of Vitamin N (for Nature!).


To see a larger version of the collaged photograph above simply click on the image or click HERE to go to a flickr album containing the individual (annotated) photographs.

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