Long Road Log : 28.12.2017

an ice-vaulted still-life
breath dances the fandango
as two swans glide by

A final solo slip-of-a-journey short&sharp along an icy December canal. Twilight by mid-afternoon – frost-etched hawthorns – that still&silent time between Xmas & New Year. A silence only broken by the blurt of the boat’s engine finally firing. I’d messed up the initial firing & it took driving off & calming down before I realised my mistake. Returning to Eileen, chastened, it took moments to turn the engine and bring the boat back to life. Despite the minimal distance travelled today it was still time enough to savour life afloat, to feel my spirits lifting. The sanctuary and sanity of boating and a dose of Vitamin N.

To see a larger version of the collaged photograph above simply click on the image or click HERE to go to a flickr album containing the individual (annotated) photographs.

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