Printing Log : 20.12.2017

Sorting through a folder of drawings I came across this initial draft lino print.

Unfinished, it’s been in the folder for over thirty years.

Not having many works remaining from that time I was fascinated to see several elements – the hand print and leaf outline for example – which continue to be part of my visual lexicon to this day.

I’ve dug out my few remaining linocut tools as the image has prompted me to look at the possibility of using lino printing in my exploration of the Undersong.

It’s a hugely flexible and expressive medium as this gallery shows:


The follow websites show both the creative-expressive range of the linocut and explain something of the practical processes involved:

Linocut Boy 


Jackson’s Art Blog

Linda Cote Studio

Shellie Lewis’ blog

Colin Blanchard’s blog

James Green’s printing blog

Art Republic article on the Grosvenor School of Modern Art

Linocut Tips by Jim Hingst


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