Painting Log : 12.12.2017

The ‘poesie pastoral’ piece has taken a leap forward after being ‘married’ to it’s backdrop.

After a meditative period of looking and thinking the board is laid on the floor, a long brush loaded with paint and I’m away!

The black overdrawing being an initial response to two seemingly disparate images colliding.

Leaves echo woodgrain echo pea pods. The narrative of the painting evolves layer over layer through a process of doing and undoing.

The two boards have been permanently screwed together and the piece propped up… Time to take a long, hard look at it. This is the point where a piece may well take an unexpected turn as a result of me responding to painted mark ‘talking’ to painted mark.
(DETAIL) Here’s the challenge, two totally different pieces need, in some way, to merge aesthetically.
(DETAIL) Hard-edged repeat patterns meet outline drawings and overpainting…
(Apologies for the poor quality of the photo.) It shows the initial response is freehand black lines that cross both images and pea-pod shapes swimming between the planks… (Pea-pods in my lexicon equating to ‘family’).
(DETAIL) The central motif of red flowers. I’m pleased with the layer effect as more and more adding/taking-away gives the piece a sense of its own history.
(DETAIL) I’m avoiding the temptation to ‘finish’ the piece to a similar overall standard. Some sections will remain rapidly sketched and roughly executed, other sections will visually be more ‘finished’.


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