Long Road Log : 09.12.2017

welly walk, a cold snap
iced Cut, iron fields, haw frost
whites the shadows

A chill short-leg trip along the Long Road. Wintry. A nip in the air. Paper-thin sheet ice on the outside bends of the Cut. A morning for wellies & big coats, ice-puddle jumping, & marveling at the white tracery of frost in the hedge-bottom along the towpath. Old Eileen was frosted with wind-blown snow, each rivet etched, defined white on black. The Boys eagerly drew in the virgin snow, made snowmen, threw a few snowballs whilst I struggled to urge a sluggish engine into life. She finally fired and we headed south-east along the Grand Union towards Flecknoe and a secure new mooring.


(To see a larger version of the collaged photographs above simply click on the image or click HERE to go to a flickr album containing the individual annotated photographs.)

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