Painting Log : 01.12.2017

Agh, my paintings are too tight!

After a few days of LOOKING, at both the painted pieces lying around the studio and, following a wander around Tate Modern, it’s the only conclusion I can come to. My painting is constipated. There’s so little exuberance. No energy. Minimal joy. And, damn it, painting should be a pleasure! It is my pleasure!

So, I want to shake things up by moving on from this:

as an end point, I still think it’s fine as a STARTING point, and absorb within the work more of the marks of the world around me bouncing off & colliding with the memories I carry within… the archetypes.

I’ve been looking again at the work of Per Kirkeby:

And this brief gallery of shadows & graffiti does it…

This image – working title Wreath – is a landscape or perhaps a memory-scape and it’s now on a journey. I’m planning to tag along, and have a bit more fun with paint&painting along the way.

It’s time to let go.

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